Eleven Times Square | New York, NY | Learn more
Sentech was retained as a façade and engineering consultant for this 45’ tall glass façade by American Architectural. The façade is framed with aluminum and steel members and has a 5’ wide overhead glass return.
Freedom Tower World Trade Center | New York, NY | Learn more
Soaring above New York City at 1,776 feet, One World Trade Center is America's tallest building -and an indelible New York landmark and tribute to 9-11. Designed by David M. Childs of SOM, the 3-million-square-foot building includes office space, an observation deck, and world-class restaurants. From structural redundancy to dense fireproofing to biochemical filters,it creates a new standard for high-rise buildings. Safe, sustainable, artistically dynamic - the Freedom Tower stands as a shining beacon for New York's Downtown and for the future of design.
One Central Park East | Phoenix, AZ | Learn more
One Central Park East is the newest high-rise building in downtown Phoenix that will deliver 500,000 square feet of high-end office space. The lobby area of the new building will include a point supported glass wall—a key feature of the building architecture. Sentech was hired by Craftsman glass to provide a turn-key solution for this all-glass entrance.
Houston International Airport | Houston, TX | Learn more
Houston International Airport Terminal E connects extensive traffic and makes it a premier international gateway and key hub for airlines and travelers. The renovation of terminal E features new facilities, a spacious concourse and a wide variety of concessions and stores to provide an unparalleled passenger experience. In collaboration with Transystems, Sentech developed structural glass solutions for the majority of the airport stores, with the objective of establishing a consistent look for retail stores throughout the terminal.
UCI Engineering Unit III | Irvine, CA | Learn more
The University of California at Irvine new Engineering Unit 3 building is the latest 150,000 sq-ft research facility, housing several research laboratories and teaching halls. The point supported glass façade was designed by HOK Architects and was engineered and provided by Sentech.
Otterbein College | Westerville, OH | Learn more
As part of a 30,000 square foot addition to Otterbine College’s Schear Hall for Academic Science, BHDP Architects designed a 23’ x 32’ vertical glass wall as well as glass handrails throughout the building. Sentech was hired as a subcontractor to Celina Glass Company, Inc to provide turn-key solutions for the interior point-supported wall and glass handrails systems.
La Jolla Commons | San Diego, CA | Learn more
The La Jolla Commons Campus is located in the heart of San Diego. The structure is one of the most sustainable high-rise office buildings in Southern California and was designed with the goal of saving operational and utility costs through improved energy and planning efficiency. The glass façade at the building lobby entrance is a highly transparent suspended glass fin system using jumbo-sized low-iron glass panels and minimal connections. The goal was to achieve a unique look, giving the illusion of unsupported glass that defies gravity.
NYC Police Precinct | Central Park, New York, NY | Learn more
Designed by Karlsberger Architects, this 27' tall glass wall is part of a historical renovation that provides a perfect blend of old architecture and new glass technology. Located in the heart of Central park, this all-glass façade is a first of its kind. Sentech’s team developed a new frameless system to support bullet resistant, insulated glass units.
One Victory Park | Dallas, TX | Learn more
This glass wall is a 27’ x 14’ all glass storefront designed by Boka Powel architects. The structure features glass fin walls and point supported glass and was completed in 2008. Senetch provided a complete engineered solution to Craftsman Glass.
Virginia Tech "The Capsule" | Blacksburg, VA | Learn more
Sentech was retained as an engineering consultant for this project by Craftsman Glass. Sentech performed structural engineering design services for three self-supporting glass entrances and delivered a complete system.
Manhattan Beach Library | Manhattan Beach, CA | Learn more
This 21,500 square-foot, $26.3 million project's innovative double-skin façade has a three foot separation between the inner and outer walls that delivers efficient thermal isolation of the interior space. 70,000 lbs of stainless steel frames suport the entire facade from the second floor. The challenging geometry of the facade demanded the use of 5-D BIM technology for the successful coordination and collaboration of all trades working on this project.
CIT Pavilion | 1 Federal Plaza, New York, NY | Learn more
This blast resistant glass wall was designed for the Court of International Trade using a cable net system for optimum transparency. The glass weight and environmental loads are supported by a single layer of tension cables spanning between the floor and the ceiling. The system was designed specifically for this application, and the fittings used were developed in partnership with DORMA Glass. The system was successfully tested at the Construction Consulting International lab in Dallas, Texas.
CIT Storefront | 1 Federal Plaza, New York, NY | Learn more
This frameless all-glass storefront was part of a massive renovation on the Court of International Trade completed in early 2008. The renovation consisted of over six hundred linear feet of frameless glass walls and entrances.
Lake Tahoe Residence | Lake Tahoe, NV | Learn more
This highly transparent, 5-story residence in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, presented Sentech with new structural challenges due to its distinctive geometric forms and to the large amount of movement generated by seismic forces. Sentech met these challenges by engineering a solution using glass panels in excess of 12 feet, and sliding glass fin supports. The result is a highly transparent and flexible structure that met both the structural and aesthetic needs of the project.
100 Putnam | Greenwich, CT | Learn more
These 45’ tall point supported vertical glass walls were designed in collaboration with Perkins Eastman Architects and are the visual focus of the 100 Putnam building in Greenwich, CT. The curved facades use a combination of vertical cables and trusses with thin truss elements. The facade triangulated trusses span in the horizontal direction, corresponding with the horizontal lines of the building. This continuity of lines and concept of blended visual design elements was a key factor in the design of the structure.
FM Global | Johnston, RI | Learn more
Vision 3 Architects designed the new headquarters of FM Global using glass fins and a point supported system. The 70’x44’ and 60’x44’ all glass structures are the key features of the new building entrance; along with a 100’ long, point supported glass walkway at the entrance of the building which was designed with a matching point supported system. As a subcontractor to Massey’s Plate Glass & Aluminum, Sentech provided a complete engineered system for the glass facades and canopies.
Henry Doorly Zoo Butterfly Enclosures | Omaha, NE | Learn more
The butterfly exhibit is an all-glass enclosure designed by Sentech. The structure is framed with an aluminum support structure and uses point-supported glass at all the vertical walls. Sentech’s design of the glass façade, in collaboration with Stanley J. How Architects, resulted in an octagonal structure that provides the illusion of a 360° open space, ideal for the observation of butterflies. The project was completed in 2007.
Georgia Tech Vesitbule | Atlanta, GA | Learn more
Sentech was retained as an engineering consultant for this project by Harmon, Inc. Sentech performed structural glass engineering design services for this point supported glass entrance.
Crosby Street Hotel | New York, NY | Learn more
Sentech was retained as a façade engineering consultant for this project by Enterprise Architectural Sales, Inc. (EASI), based in New York, NY. Sentech performed structural engineering design services for the entire building façade on this project.
Lincoln Plaza Canopy | New York, NY | Learn more
Sentech was retained as an engineering consultant for this project by Enterprise Architectural Sales, Inc. (EASI), from NY, NY. Sentech performed structural engineering design services for this point supported glass canopy.
Aspen Pyramid | Saddle River, NJ | Learn more
This all glass pyramid enclosure is the key feature of this high end private residence. The glass pyramid base is 32’ x 32’ and is framed with a single layer stainless steel lattice structure. The pyramid glass is supported using point support fittings and the solution provides 360 degrees of unobstructed views. Sentech collaborated with Jordan Rosenberg Architects & Associates of Ridgewood, NJ in developing the design.
Honolulu International Airport | Honolulu, HI | Learn more
The Hawaii International Airport has undertaken an interior renovation of several terminals. The new interior point supported glass walls were designed to enhance security throughout the Airport and provide interior glass walls that blend well with the existing airport architecture. As a subcontractor to KKK Aluminum & Glass, Inc, Sentech was hired to provide a turn-key solution for the new glass system.
Carriage City Plaza Canopy | Rahway, NJ | Learn more
Sentech was retained as an engineering consultant for this project by All Glass Systems, Inc. Sentech performed structural engineering design services for this point supported glass canopy and provided a complete system.
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